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Impress your customers with a photorealistic 3D visualization that surpasses reality. 
AMC brings your product to life in the eyes of your customers and shows everything in the best possible light.

Image by Alexander Andrews

Strategy Call

This call serves as an opportunity to uncover a client's pain points, priorities, and goals and begin building rapport and trust. The goal of this call is to ask a series of questions to determine if there is a potential fit for a business relationship.


A storyboard is a non-moving visual version of the script. It basically looks like a comic book, including early ideas of camera staging, major character poses, or scene events.

Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui
Image by Shubham Dhage


  • Assets Creations - are 3-dimensional digital files, so they look more lifelike than flat images.

  • Modeling - is the process of developing a geometric surface to represent the objects, and characters within a scene.

  • Rigging - is constructing the muscular-skeletal basis of your animation.


This stage is where the movements are created and give the animation the feel of motion. Animation is usually the most crucial and time-consuming part of producing a 3D animated video.

Image by Sebastian Svenson
Image by Alexey Ruban

Sound Design

This includes the recording of the score, all the musical elements and flourishes required for the animation. The music is timed to accompany and complement the visuals. 

Lighting & Texturing

  • Lighting - Much like in real life, 3D scenes use lighting based on the pre-production phase to create the mood of the 3D animation.

  • Texturing - The process of creating and applying textures (colors and surface properties) to a 3D model.

Image by Aditya Wardhana
Image by Clint Patterson


When dealing with a 3D animation, every scene is separated and rendered into multiple layers including objects, colors, background, foreground, shadows, highlights, etc.

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