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Production Process

Looking for a studio that will handle your animation production? 

We create an impactful animated video

01 Place Your Project

Fill out the form and provide us the details of the project. Click this link.

02 Quotation

After we checked and reviewed all the project requirements, we will send a quotation. 

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03 Pre-Production

Research, concept talks, and scriptwriting are all part of this process. Every marketing video starts with a conversation about an idea. We talk with you to learn as much about your product, service, or issue as possible. The process of research also evaluates the market to figure out the best method for putting out the right message in the best way for your brand.

04 Post Production & Revisions

This is the stage that gives the video its final look. Post-production involves the complete process of creating and editing the sound mixing, background music, and graphics. Once the video is finalized, we send it to you for feedback and make any needed revisions.


05 Payment

Once the project is final and approve then we will send you an invoice. 

06 Final Rendering

After we receive the final payment, we will send you the final files in your required format.

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